Who does this?

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Look at the color of this house. I mean that’s one ugly house, would you want to come home to that every night? I sure wouldn’t.

What possibly possessed them to paint it this color? Was the paint chip wrong, did the paint get mixed wrong, or are they colorblind?

Rumor has it that it’s a drug dealers house, but the color really makes me wonder. I mean don’t dealers hide from public attention? 

Maybe they’re just pissed off at their neighbors, they had one too many late night parties which led to the Police showing up at 3am one too many times. I can see that happening, kind of “screw you all I’m painting my house this color to make you suffer”.

Whatever the cause that’s one ugly house 

Yellow & White

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Sunny SoCal isn’t all desert

The few spring showers we’ve had, coupled with the copious quantities of scorching sunlight have started to bring out the best in the neighborhoods.

Small yellow flowers, probably weeds, are popping up along our lawns, bright and sunny at least they’re not dandelions.

Couple that with the small white roses in my neighbors yard and it makes for a beautiful bouquet.

Every day you have to find something that catches your eye and share it with as many people as possible. Those little things might just make someone very happy.

Under the weather…but not in the way you’re thinking 

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Today on my morning stroll I looked up at the sky…

this is the sight that greeted me. The picture is almost a perfect replica of what I saw, beautiful dark clouds that seemed to promise rain. Of course being in SoCal there was no rain but it did lend to a cooler day.

I’m glad I could share it with all of you

The Things We See

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Ornamental Cabbage in full bloom

There is beauty everywhere, you just have to open your eyes to find it. If you’re walking, take a little time to actually look at what’s around you.

I was walking to the bus today, and I saw this in someone’s front yard. I went back later to take a picture of it.

It made me happy, looking at it I found that I could get lost in the patterns the individual leaves made.

Until next time, enjoy your walk 

The things you see when traveling 

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Old lot at Calico Ghost Town, CA

More like exploring if you want the truth. This is a great example of geological processes as well as beauty in nature.

Most people would park their cars and walk away, as for myself in the type who could sit in the car for hours looking at the different colors, folds, and bends in the rocks.

Analog Photography: Dvrkvisions 2012-2016 — Discover

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Polina Washington is a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She uses analog techniques like double exposure and film soaking to explore themes like identity, mythology, and self-acceptance.

via Analog Photography: Dvrkvisions 2012-2016 — Discover

Suck Me In

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Donaustadtbrücke, Vienna ( Austria ) | Fullscreen

Source: Suck Me In